Comcast Launches 4K Streaming

Comcast Launches 4K Streaming
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As 4K technology slowly starts entering the mainstream content providers are moving to make access to content in Ultra High Definition more easy. Online video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon have already started streaming content in 4K. Now a major pay-TV provider, Comcast, is getting in the game as well.

Today the launch of Comcast’s Xfinity in UHD app took place. It is an on-demand programming application, and there’s just one thing wrong with it, the app is only available for 2014 Samsung UHD TVs. So if you own a 4K television but its from a manufacturer other than Samsung, even if the model is from 2014, you’re out of luck.

This app will be available from today from the SMART Hub. Customers have to login with their Xfinity credentials and they can start streaming content in 4K right away. This happens over the internet. Support content includes the current season of NBC’s Chicago Fire and USA’s Suits and Covert Affairs. Parks and Recreation from NBC will be available starting February 2015.

Viewing experiences can be customized from within the app. It gives the ability to set parental controls, manage audio preferences and enable closed captioning.

Comcast hasn’t said if and when this application will be released for 4K TVs from other manufacturers, at least it hasn’t said the app won’t be released for them.

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Online Video Streaming Up 60%, TV Consumption Down But Not Out

Online Video Streaming Up 60%, TV Consumption Down But Not Out

Last month Nielsen changed the name of their “Cross Platform Report” to the “Total Audience Report”. A fitting change considering the varying manners in which viewers consume content these days. One statistic has remained consistent in their report though, viewers are continuing to shift to online viewing at an increasing pace.

According to the new Total Audience Reportonline video streaming viewers are growing online at an astonishing 60% per month pace this month, whereas TV has declined roughly 4%. Although time spent viewing online is growing rapidly, TV is in no danger of losing its place as the primary place for viewers right now. They still average about 141 hours watched each month, whereas online only gets about 11 hours each month.


Online Video Streaming Up 60%, TV Consumption Down But Not Out

Online Video Streaming Up 60%, TV Consumption Down But Not Out [Report]
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Online Video Streaming Up 60%, TV Consumption Down But Not Out [Report]A new report from Nielsen confirms that digital TV consumption is growing at a phenomenal rate, while traditional broadcast TV viewing is on the decline. That being said, TV still accounts for an average of about 141 hours watched each month, compared to 11 hours a month for online content. 


Netflix CEO: Broadcast TV Will Die Within 16 Years

Netflix CEO: Broadcast TV Will Die Within 16 Years
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The days of broadcast TV are numbered according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Hastings said that while traditional broadcast TV has served a purpose in the past, on-demand streaming will cause broadcast TV to die off within the next 16 years.

"It's kind of like the horse, you know, the horse was good until we had the car," Hastings said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "The age of broadcast TV will probably last until 2030."

With over 53 million users, Netflix is largely responsible for changing how consumers watch TV shows and movies, and the company is already in the process of disrupting how movies will make their official debut.

Netflix will debut the sequel to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" the same day as it hits IMAX theaters, a move which Hastings said is "breaking the stranglehold that movie theaters have" on how movies are released.

You can read more about Hastings' vision for the future of streaming over at The Hollywood Reporter.


Is It The Beginning Of The End For Cable Or Just A New Beginning?

Is It The Beginning Of The End For Cable Or Just A New Beginning?

Editor’s note: Braxton Jarrett is the CEO of Clearleap.

In mid-October, HBO dropped a bombshell — albeit a long-rumored one — with the news that it would launch a standalone streaming service some time in 2015. The media and Game of Thrones fans everywhere immediately went into overdrive, analyzing every last one of the scarce details to death (What content will be included? How much will it cost? Should I cancel my Netflix subscription?!!).

CBS’s announcement of its own streaming service just a day later, followed by similar news from its flagship entertainment channel, Showtime, only fueled the frenzy and the general feeling that major changes are underway for pay TV.


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