How OTT platforms are opening up new opportunities…

As MIPCOM’s Into The Stream conference sessions will explore, there’s no question that the surging popularity of the OTT services is bringing pressure to bear on the traditional broadcast model. But this is a cloud with a definite silver lining, writes The MIPCOM Preview’s Juliana Koranteng.
FremantleMedia International (FMI), Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) are among the growing number of content creators and distributors that are welcoming the highly disruptive but fast growing internet-delivered over-the-top (OTT) TV entertainment.



Lessons From A Study of Perfect Pitch Decks: VCs S…

DocSend, a startup that provides people with a secure and private way of sharing files like offer letters or legal agreements, studied more than 200 pitchdecks to figure out the right way to graduate from bootstrapped to seed-funded, or from angels to a Series A.
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9 Steps to Help You Conquer Your Fear of Public Sp…

Sweaty palms. Thudding heart. Dry throat. Doubts race: What if I blow it? What if I forget the words? What if they hate me? You’re about to speak before a live audience and stage fright has taken hold.

If you know the feeling, you’re far from alone. Public speaking ranks as America’s top fear and for good reason. For many of us, it’s absolutely terrifying. Petrified or not, if you must orate before onlookers for work or for some other make-it-or-break-it reason, you have no choice but to face your fear. Panicking isn’t an option. Preparation is.

9 Steps to Help You Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking (Infographic)
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