Etsy launches Pattern, a website builder for its s…

Etsy launches Pattern, a website builder for its sellers

With the launch of a new service called Pattern, Etsy is making it easier for people to sell custom goods on their own websites. Apparently, more than one-third of Etsy’s 1.6 million active sellers have said they’re interested in setting up their own site, but they found the process of registering a domain, creating a site, maintaining it and managing the inventory too… 

Amazon Launches Payments Partner Program For Ecomm…

Amazon Launches Payments Partner Program For Ecommerce Platforms, Developers

Amazon announced the launch of the Amazon Payments Partner Program on Monday, aimed at helping ecommerce platform providers and developers extend Amazon Payments to their merchants. The program provides these platforms with tools and services to help them enable merchants to easily integrate with Amazon Payments.

Most Commonly Used Metrics by SaaS Companies

Source: Totango Note: A slight majority (56%) of SaaS professionals are satisfied with the state of their business metrics, per results from Totango’s 5th annual State of SaaS Metrics report. Currently the most commonly tracked customer acquisition metrics are website unique visitors (84%) and the number of new trial or free signups (66%). Churn (80%) […]

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