INFOGRAPHIC: Online Video Is Vital for Small, Midsized Businesses

INFOGRAPHIC: Online Video Is Vital for Small, Midsized Businesses
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How important is video in forming opinions on small and midsized businesses? Very, according to Animoto.

The online video-creation application surveyed 1,051 consumers in the U.S. and found that:

  • 63 percent of respondents believe that companies that use video know how to reach their customers.
  • One-quarter lose interest in companies that don’t use videos.
  • 56 percent believe that if a company has a website, it should have video.
  • 84 percent said they have liked videos in their News Feeds from companies.
  • 43 percent were more likely to read email newsletters with links to videos.
  • 56 percent have watched company videos received via email.
  • Nearly one-half have shared videos from companies on their own social media profiles.
  • 80 percent say videos explaining how products and services work are important when learning about companies.
  • 56 percent say customer testimonials are important when purchasing products or services.
  • About one-half cited company videos as most helpful when making purchases.

Animoto CEO Brad Jefferson said in a release announcing the results:

The growth of online video marketing in recent years has been tremendous. Today, there are more than 7 billion videos watched every day on Facebook and YouTube. Historically, in order to create and distribute high-quality video to your customers, it was cost-prohibitive for all but the largest brands. However, today’s tools and platforms ensure that small and midsized businesses can reach their audiences where they hang out online. This represents one of the biggest marketing opportunities for small businesses in a long time.


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