How Mobile Apps Impact Consumer Shopping Habits

How Mobile Apps Impact Consumer Shopping Habits [Infographic]
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Social shopping is a rapidly growing industry. With increased use of the Internet and especially mobile solutions for shopping, consumers are comparing prices and looking for deals more than ever. A new user survey from Scanlife details how often consumers interact with online coupons, deals and how mobile is impacting shopping.

Coupons are very important to the users of Scanlife’s apps: 20 percent of consumers use coupon apps every day, and one in four consumers use coupons every day. Sixteen percent use their coupon apps once a week, and 52 percent use their apps at least twice a month.

This access to coupons, especially online coupons, means that consumers are much more willing to try new products. Only 11 percent “never” try a new product they have a coupon for. Twenty-four percent “almost always” buy something new, and nearly 50 percent take a chance on a new product “sometimes.”

For online shopping providers, it’s important to keep in mind how consumers search for your product when they want to know more about it. Fifty-seven percent of users surveyed go straight for online search, and 20 percent use apps like Scanlife to get more information through barcodes, or QR codes on product packaging. Only four percent go to social networks to do their product research.

“Our survey of ScanLife users demonstrates the ever-increasing influence of smartphones on consumer shopping behavior and attitudes,” Maryann Moschides, vice president of marketing at Scanbuy, said in a statement. “Marketers should take note that the majority of mobile consumers are hungry for personalized deals and promotions from their favorite brands to help them save money and discover new products and services.”


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