12 Ways to Make Water the Most Delicious Thing Ever

12 Ways to Make Water the Most Delicious Thing Ever // Food Network Blog infused water These flavored waters are healthier than sugared-up sodas, iced teas and lemonades — but a whole lot more exciting than plain old H20. Infused with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, they’re everything you never knew you a wanted in a glass of water. Thirsty yet?   Strawberry-Cucumber Water It sounds like the start to a fruity summer cocktail, but stop while you’re ahead: This refreshing infusion doesn’t need a splash of booze to satisfy. (Seriously!) strawberry-cucumber water Tomato-Basil Water Why should Caprese salad have all the fun? This infused water captures the ultimate summer combination of tomato and basil right in your glass. Bonus points for beauty. tomato water Pineapple-Mint-Ginger Water Sip this after you get off the sailboat: Mint and ginger are two time-tested stomach soothers. Combined with pineapple, they make for a drink that tastes tropical but is easy to make. pineapple water Orange-Fennel Water A sophisticated twist on infused water, this is a great way to finish a fancy meal. Fragrant fennel stalks and fronds infuse the water; use fresh slices of the bulb to serve. fennel Raspberry-Orange Water Nothing says “summer” like bright, fresh fruit tumbling around in your water glass. Crushing the raspberries before infusing helps them impart the most flavor into your drink. raspberry-orange water Cantaloupe-Infused Water Ripe melon and a frosty glass of ice water are two of summer’s most refreshing treats. Combine them into one with this sweet sip. cantaloupe water Tomato-Celery-Bell Pepper Water Seasonal vegetables aren’t only for your salad: This trio of summer veggies brightens up a pitcher of water. tomato-celery-pepper water Watermelon-Mint Water Muddled mint and watermelon make for a drink that’s bursting with refreshing flavors. Serve a pitcher at your next backyard soiree and watch kids and adults alike clamor to refill their glasses watermelon-mint Apple-Cinnamon Water Warm apple cider isn’t the only thing that’s served with a stick of cinnamon: This autumn-inspired infused water celebrates the classic beverage in a summer-ready glass of ice water. apple cinnamon water Grapefruit-Infused Water For everyone who loves the sweet-tart taste of grapefruit, this infusion is your jam: A twist on the classic lemon water, it has the subtle splash of fresh citrus to up the refreshment factor, but with a new flavor to keep things interesting. grapefruit Cucumber-Infused Water| Much better than standard spa water and its soggy cucumbers: Here, the cukes infuse the water for a few hours, but then are drained and replaced with fresh, crunchy slices to serve. cucumber water Lemon-Infused Water Sure, squeezing a wedge of lemon into a glass of ice water could get the job done, but letting whole slices infuse adds a more delicate and evenly distributed flavor to your drink. lemon water Merritt Watts is a writer and eater in San Francisco, where strawberries are almost always in season.
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